The Making Of A Sustainable Home
Handicrafts is a union of two words โ€” hand and crafts. That is what makes it so special. Unlike machine-made goods, there lies a human touch to it. The fact that they are so beautiful and sustainable and have been made by hands could easily give the manufactured goods a run for the money. But why are we telling you this? We mean to tell you this so that you know that the power to change the world lies in your everyday choices. You donโ€™t believe us? We suggest that you read ahead.
1. Shopping: This, of course, had to be the first on the list as every time we go out to shop, we come back with plastic items in plastic bags. This pattern can break if you consciously look for environmentally friendly substitutes and do not forget to carry your shopping tote bags.
2. Interior Dรฉcor: This one is the best way to go green. The handicrafts are colourful pieces which can give your home a thematic look. You could just decorate your house with a wall hanging or a painting. Simple, right?
3. Personal Hygiene: We are sure you are wondering what this is doing in your list. There can be little steps to adopt sustainability in this space like using bamboo toothbrush and hairbrush and using natural cosmetics.
4. Gardening: You could maintain tabletop plants or gardens. Either way, plants are great to purify the air. There are a variety of handmade pots and other garden accessories available which can make your house picturesque. Build your garden for the future, not for fashion.
5. Handling Waste: Every household has garbage, but it is not handled properly. You could segregate the garbage into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. On one hand, the biodegradable waste could be used to create natural compost at home to support #4 and on the other hand, you could reuse or recycle the non-biodegradable waste.
6. Clothing: Yet again, we are sure you are surprised to see this in the list. But think about this โ€” a textile manufacturing unit using all the resources and releasing greenhouse gases. The same is not the case with handlooms and that is why you should buy them. And why not? They are just as pretty and come in various forms โ€” kurtas, saris, jackets โ€” you name it.
We are holding the Lal10 to show you the way to sustainability. We feel proud that we can help you with that at your level. So, pick the items as per your need today and let us know if you need anything, okay?
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